Establishment of Health Infrastructure Dev’ Agency will reduce health tourism, fix deteriorating health Infrastructures: Osita Ngwu


The senate has passed for the second reading, the establishment of Health Infrastructure Development Agency stating that the agency when established will reduce health tourism, inadequate medical personnel, and deteriorating medical infrastructure.

The sponsor of the bill, Senator Osita Ngwu, representing Enugu West Senatorial District, voiced strong support for the bill, emphasizing the critical importance for having such agency established.

Leading the motion in his lead debate on the bill titled:  A Bill for an Act to provide for the Establishment of Health Infrastructure Development Agency and for other matters, Ngwu said “The bill aims at providing a comprehensive framework to guide the planning, construction and maintenance, regulation of healthcare infrastructure in Nigeria.

“The bill proposes the establishment of an agency to administer the framework, policies directions, standards, guidelines and efficient construction and quality control measures . The agency will also ensure that healthcare facilities are designed to maintain the highest standards and support delivery of quality health care services.

“The agency is to promote the development and improvement of healthcare so as to enhance healthcare access and delivery across the country.

“The agency when established will strengthen the health care system by focusing on the modernization of healthcare facility by the emerging public private partnerships to sustainable infrastructure development.

Ngwu pointed out that health industry faces challenges associated with medical tourism,  inadequate medical personnel, and deteriorating medical infrastructure.

The passage of the bill through its second reading signifies a significant step forward in the legislative process, paving the way for further deliberations and eventual implementation.

The bill will now proceed to the Joint Committees on Health for further review and consideration