State police: Nigeria not ripe, will be hijacked by Governors: Sen Garba Maidoki

…..States INEC should conduct credible elections first


The Senator representing Kebbi South, Sen. Garba Musa Maidoki has said that Nigeria is not yet ripe for state policing saying that given the level of our democracy in Nigeria, it might be hijacked by some governors, so he will not support it.

Adding his voice to the ongoing debate on state policing, Maidoki who is The Senate Committee chairman on legislative compliance noted that his stand is not because the concept is bad but rather the way it will be abused by various state governors.

He said, “You see, the concept of State Police is an excellent idea, but given the level of our democracy in Nigeria, I will not support it. Not because the concept is not good. Look at State Independent Electoral Commission, can you tell me one state, even the so-called learned state in the Southwest, where the Governors allowed state INEC to do their work in the service of their own people?

“I am talking to you today (Wednesday), some states are owing teachers’ salaries, they are owing other civil servants’ allowances. Nigeria is broke, if you don’t know it, know it toay! We are living on borrowed money. Where will the money come from to finance the State Police?

“You cannot even finance education, primary education and you want to take the money and do state police. And if you do state police, what are the likelihood that it will not be like they are controlling State INEC?
They have not given us confidence that they can hold elections where the will of the people shall prevail. But, now they always subvert the opinion and mandate of the people and give it to whosoever they wish, then what right have you to tell us you can defend them? They said we don’t want X, we want Y. You say no, you must take X. Who are you to tell us you have mandate to defend them? And that is the gospel truth,” he said.

On the insecurity ravaging some parts of the country, the federal lawmaker said, not that they are doubting the improvement in security, but insisted that there are still pockets of problems in some areas particularly in Yobe South he is representing.

Recall that Senator Jibril Isah, Kogi East, had moved a motion on the state of insecurity in his area, specifically at Omala Local Government Area, where there were clashes and some people allegedly killed.

Sen. Maidoki explained that his constituents reported the level of insecurity going on in his senatorial district to him and he referred them to the State governor whom they met his absent, but on returning back to their homes, they were attacked and 12 of those who went to Birnin Kebbi to see the governor were killed

Sen. Maidoki claimed that his Governor told them that his contribution to keeping security in Kebbi State as a whole was, to the tune of 500 million monthly. “And I was asking the Senate, where is the money we passed in the 2024 appropriation bill for the Army to do their job, what is it for?”