Interview: President’s Assent, Sure on South East Dev Commission, Sen. Nwebonyi

…..Says it is long over due


Senator Peter Onyekachi Nwebonyi is the Senator Representing Ebonyi North Senatorial district. He is also the Deputy Chief Whip of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

South East development Commission.

“South East development Commission is long over due, you remember that after the Nigeria civil war, the Federal government came out with 3Rs…. Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and what have you. The South East is suppose to have a big share of that program but unfortunately nothing happens in south East Nigeria, we on our own trying to rehabilitate, Reconstruct and Rebuild the South East, there is no federal government intervention anywhere instead you can see some in Lagos and other part of the Southern Nigeria, where the war did not even affect as it’s affected South-East states.

“I believe that the commission is aimed at addressing that lapses and outside that, recently you can see that the South East is under heavy attacks of IPOB and other form of bandits as such that we have recorded a lot of losses, lost of lives and damage of properties hence the need to Reconstruct and Rebuild South East and I believe that Mr. President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, being a man who believes in one Nigeria will do justice by assenting to that bill when it’s eventually get to his table.

On Dav Umahi university of Medical Sciences…

“The bill just scare through the second reading and it’s as been committed to the committee on Tetuary institution and they are working on it. The university before now as been in existence haven’t been established by the law Ebonyi State 2021 but following the visit of former President Mohammedu Buhari, who was moved by the over determination of the then governor of the state, Senator David Umahi, to develop the young state of Ebonyi, pronounced the taking over of that university, and I believe that was a very good step taking by the former President, to encourage the young state, and that university is one of the best university not just in Nigeria but in entire Africa, in terms of infrastructure, commitment of lecturers to work, medical equipment,and others, so it’s a welcome development and i believe in no time Mr. President will assent to the bill to give it a legal frame work to operate as one of the Federal University in Nigeria.

On the state of Ebonyi state education..

Ebonyi was actually backward educationally 20years back but I must tell you going by the effort made by our successful leaders, starting from Sam Egwu, that gave us free education,followed by Elechi and been amplifyed by the immediate past governor, Senator David Umahi, Ebonyi of yesterday is different from Ebonyi of today. The area of education we are above so many states, in the area of infrastructure Ebonyi is number two if not number one, courtesy of the leaders we had in the past. I must commend the sitting governor of Ebonyi State, Francis Ognonayah Onu, who is follow the steps of his predecessors in terms infrastructure, social welfare of the people, ensuring quality education of Ebonyi children. I must tell you we in Ebonyi are blessed because we have always have good leaders who are committed and concerned about the development of Ebonyi and our people.

On maintenance  culture…

As African we lack maintenance culture and I must tell you from this successful leaders I believe the story will change and also as Paliament it also our duty to follow up to make sure this spirit of maintenance is really inculcated in to our public system through our oversight functions which we are doing very well.

Attack on Igbo, Wuse market as a case study

I disagree with you on your submission that there is no deliberate attempt to attack igbos. What happened in Wuse was an accident and as been addressed by the relevant government and leadership of the market, is not good to play politics with everything. We Igbos are part of Nigeria and we are comfortable with it, we are all business men, even me talking to you I am a business man and we are every part of the country doing our business without any form of harassment.

Wike and security.

His visit was a very fruitful one, He told us to his determination with the service chiefs in FCT, how to minimize insecurity not to completely eradicate in the fct and as a Paliament we are satisfied with that explanation. I call it a very brilliant response to the query. We gave him a query and he came and we are satisfied, infact the level of insecurity has reduced drastically. It’s means his measures are working and we in the Senate commended him and in particular the Fct commissioner of Police was commended for the drastic change achieved upon his assumption of office.

On the Vote of confidence passed on service chiefs....

Generally insecurity is a global problem, kidnapping and banditry is not only a Nigeria problem,its a global challenge but I must tell you the security chiefs are doing their best and we are monitoring them, we are not sleeping, we are watching them based on what is happening. If anyone of them is not doing we shall show such the door, we can’t compromise the interest of Nigerians as related to security of lives and property..