Gboko East Voters Declare Support For Hon. Becky Orpin, Dismissed Recall Attempts By Attention Seekers


In a swift move against the purported attempts to destabilize the Benue State Assembly Member, Representing Gboko East State Constituency, Rt. Hon. Becky Torkwase Orpin, the League of Gboko East Voters in a press conference has rallied behind their representative, and condemned in totality the action of the attention seekers.

Addressing the media, Terrence Kuanum, Convener of the League, denounced what they termed as orchestrated efforts by adversaries to undermine Orpin’s leadership and sow discord within the ruling party. Kuanum emphasized the unwavering confidence of Gboko East constituents in Orpin’s ability to deliver on their mandate.

He said “It is no doubt that those who are lunching the crusade to bring her down and destroy our party in Gboko East before decamping to other politicial parties are fast running out of time,even with the use of machinery of the state government. Architects of this agenda can’t wait anymore,hence the use of any willing tool and other low hanging fruits amongst our people. That is why they have become ruthless and more aggressive in their drive to destroy our party in Gboko East before decamping to another party.”

The League dismissed recent calls for her recall as a mere ploy initiated by political detractors, citing overwhelming support from the 12 council ward executives and stakeholders across the constituency. They rebuked such maneuvers as futile attempts to seize power within the party ranks.

Furthermore, Kuanum warned against the dangerous precedent set by these actions, urging stakeholders to prioritize unity and peace over divisive political machinations. He cautioned Governor Alia and others against defying the will of the majority, emphasizing the consequences of disregarding the people’s mandate.

He further reminded Gov. Alia and other enemies of the constituency that posterity is the judge. Kuanum also invoked the words of the renowned journalist Adele Giwa when he said in 1984 that “No evil deed can go unpunished. Any evil done by man to man will be redressed if not now then certainly later”

The Group reaffirmed their allegiance to Rt. Hon. Orpin, asserting that the power of the people remains paramount in determining their representation.

The press conference concluded with a call to all patriots and stakeholders to uphold the democratic principles enshrined in the constituency’s governance, ensuring that the voice of the people prevails against any attempts to undermine their collective will.