Davido Fan ‘Bicycle boy’ Urges FG to Create More Awareness About Health Benefits of Cycling

Seeks sponsors for the Campaign


Myam Emmanuel Aodoungwa, also known as Emmiwuks, the bicycle boy and an ardent Davido fan has Urged the FG through the ministry of health, transportation, Youths and Sports and Nigerians to help increase the awareness on the health benefits of cycling.

He made this plea on Saturday in Abuja where he led a cycling Roadshow to campaign about the health benefits of riding a bicycle, raising awareness about the importance of physical activity and sustainable transportation, which he tagged: Emmi Wuks Cycling Road Show.

The bicycle riders who came out to support the campaign rode all the way from the Moshood Abiola Stadium (The National Stadium) through Abuja metropolis and back.

The overzealous Davido fan, Emmanuel Myam, aka Emmiwuks, who embarked on a road trip from Benue State to Lagos on his bicycle to meet singer, Davido on a 15 day journey thanked the Permanent Secretary of the Federal ministry of Youth and Sports development who endorsed the road show.

Promising that he would not relent on his journey to meeting Davido, Emmy Wuks said “I didn’t relent that’s the reason why today I have a show here in Abuja. So by the grace of God, I’m praying and hoping that Davido gets to hear about this show. I want to see myself doing it in another state while creating awareness on the health benefits of riding bicycles. So today, I am in Abuja, tomorrow I might be in Lagos, it might be in Canada. So with my aim and objective I’m planning that I will cover round Nigeria to campaign about the health benefit of riding the bicycle if possible. I might even be outside Nigeria to campaign again.

Also in attendance was the Head of Clinicals, EasyCare medical app, Dr Chioma Duru who spoke on the health benefits of cycling, which she said includes increase in cardiovascular fitness, increase in muscle strength and flexibility, improves joint mobility, decreases stress levels, improves posture and coordination, strengthens bones, decreases body fat levels, prevents some diseases, reduces anxiety and depression, above all, it is a means of transportation.

Speaking further on the transportation, she said that cycling will easy off transportation cost. “Now that the price of PMS has gone up, you have nothing to worry about. Cycling also helps the climate, in that no pollution is caused from bicycles”

Speaking also, the Secretary General Nigeria Cycling Federation, Mr Ezemma Bernard called on the Federal Government to revive Cycling in Nigeria “We have met the stakeholders about the issues Cyclers are having, the Ministry of work, road safety, the sports department and all other ones. We have had meetings severally on this issue because in the master plan of the metropolitan area of Abuja, I don’t think cycling was part of what they designed. We have many developed countries with routes for cycling, we do not have that in Nigeria. We are struggling on one lane with motorists, trailers and different kinds of vehicles. That’s why most of our athletes or riders have got injured, some killed by these motorist who never knew the consequence of what they do because we are competing for one route.

“So there is need for government through the Ministry of works to design roads proposed to be for cycling in Nigeria so that there will be freedom. Most of us no longer ride on the major route because there are careless drivers even hit and run drivers. So it is a threat to bicycle riders. So I will always say that they should help us, it is not matter of talking it is about doing. We have as I said we have talked severally with the stakeholders on this but up to date, we have not seen any developments. No sign of it” he said.